Thursday, 19 June 2014

Soho House/Sussex

For Soho House (£) here's a round-up I did of the Royal Academy's Summer Exhibition, an interview ahead of a Jasper Johns show at the Courtauld Gallery; a preview of the Horst V&A show; an interview with Piet Oudolf.

Am going to be joining the University of Sussex from September as a part-time Teaching Fellow on their new Journalism BA.

Reading: Shooting an Elephant, Nausea (re-read), Jude the Obscure, The Circle, Thomas Mann's Dr Faustus, Master and Margarita, Gasping for Airtime, Poking a Dead Frog, Randall, The People's Platform, Supergods, Digital Disconnect, Canada, The Sportswriter, Independence Day, Let Me Be Frank With You, The Line of Beauty, Concrete Island

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