Sunday, 7 August 2011

Recent stories (I am just going to include here those which I wrote about first)
*Turkey demands return of its "Elgin Marble" (followed by CNN)
*Sue Tilley moves out of Soho (followed on page three, The Evening Standard)
*Abbado/Grimaud fall out over "artistic differences" (subsequently profiled in the New Yorker and splashed by NYT Arts section)
*Tate staff complain of bullying (followed by The Evening Standard)
*Ford Madox Brown piece discovered (followed by BBC, Reuters, The LA Times, The Guardian)
*JG Ballard's house for sale (followed by The Guardian, The Evening Standard & BBC)
*Poetry Society slash funding (followed by The Guardian & BBC)
*Michelangelo discovered at Oxford college (followed by Huffington Post, BBC, and then a lot of international media)
*Short story campaign (part of rolling stories followed by The Guardian)
*Venice censorship (followed by The Daily Telegraph)

Have also been invited to become a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

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