Sunday, 10 April 2011

Some key stories so far this year (listed here so I don't forget).

*Covering the Brits, Baftas and Oliviers;
*Nationwide Arts Council cuts.
*Story about Dennis Hopper's art being pulled (reported ahead of/followed by LA Times, FT, NY Daily News);
*Quotes calling for Ai Weiwei's release (quotes used by The Guardian, Channel 4, and Der Spiegel);
*Story on new choreography in ballet (followed by The Telegraph);
*Interviews with Sir Nicholas Penny; Lenny Henry and Greg Dyke.
*Story on Yuri Gagarin statue (followed by Mail; later reported by The Guardian, The Mirror, BBC);
*Nice exclusives on CS Lewis, Kew, Pertwee, Anderson & Gold; Luminaire piece from a while ago, later cropping up in The Guardian.

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