Sunday, 8 August 2010

"Boxer, Beetle"

Just finished this excellent book; reminiscent of Michael Chabon, I think, as well as Twelve Bar Blues (here's my review). I didn't much like any of the characters though their psychology was brilliantly rendered; eugenicist as repressed homosexual; bruiser who doesn't pay much attention to such things; free will versus determinism and all that jazz. Two digressions (language and architecture) as well as flitting between two times. I want to trace what came from where; the ideas are dazzling, and inspiring. Also completed Stephen King's On Writing, working my way through SF periodicals (or trying to, I'm guessing a lot of them are well past their golden age). Completed a couple of half ideas, Guardian Angela and Bobby Rodriguez which I guess are "flash fiction"; I don't have the heart to go back and fill them out. Wrote another quick story called "Carver beats the devil".

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